Optimized Storage for Hyper-V

Accelerate Applications by up to 500%

All traditional storage suffers from the I/O blender that severely impacts application performance in virtual environments. Not Gridstore.

Gridstore is software-defined storage that is optimized for Hyper-V. It is purpose built to accelerate applications in virtualized environments. Patented Server-side Virtual Controller™ Technology (vController) dynamically optimizes and prioritizes I/O before it leaves the server and leverages massively parallel network connections to accelerate I/O to massive scales.

The following capabilities are all designed to deliver accelerated application performance and are only available from Gridstore.

vmOptimized™ Storage

Dynamically accelerate all virtualized applications

Every application has an optimal I/O pattern – Gridstore delivers it. Gridstore vControllers operate on the server and create a virtual storage stack for each VM. vControllers isolate I/O from each VM and dynamically optimize this based on its I/O pattern – without any manual tuning. By eliminating the I/O blender at the source, Gridstore can deliver optimal I/O for each VM and accelerate all applications.

Gridstore accelerates I/O for every application and the eliminates the cost of over provisioning storage to compensate for the I/O blender.


Guarantee performance for your most important applications

Not all VMs are equal. Unlike storage arrays that can only implement QoS inside the array (where it is too late to prioritize), TrueQoS leverages server-side virtual controllers to prioritize I/O before it leaves the server to eliminate the performance impact of “noisy neighbors” on your most important applications.

TrueQoS is policy driven and set by your hypervisor. TrueQoS is the industry’s first end-to-end storage QoS and works across all Hyper-V hosts as well as physical servers in your data center. Quite often, the most important workloads are not virtualized, now these can be prioritized and managed seamlessly with TrueQoS.


Massively parallel performance scaling

GridScale is a simple, pay-as-you-scale building block approach to storage. Now you can easily grow both capacity and performance in line with your budget and storage needs. Unlike traditional storage that grows capacity behind a single controller, GridScale enables your storage to grow more powerful as you add storage nodes. All this combined delivers massively parallel performance.

All storage nodes are virtualized into pools (vPool) and managed seamlessly through a single pane of glass. Each vPool can contain up to 250 storage nodes allowing you to scale from 12TB to 3PB of capacity with 1,000 Xeon cores, 8TB RAM, 5TB bandwidth and 100TB of PCIe Flash Cache. That’s GridScale.

Grid Building Blocks™

Intelligent storage nodes built on x86 hardware

Gridstore is delivered in a 1U storage appliance that you simply attach to standard 1Gb or 10Gb Ethernet. Each storage node contains all required software with unlimited vControllers and management – the only thing you add is annual support.

Gridstore Storage Nodes come in two types:

  • C-Class – designed for capacity needs with high performance streaming I/O
  • H-Class – with PCIe flash cache plus SATA to satisfy IOPS intensive workloads without breaking the budget

For further information, see Product Specifications.

Gridstore 3.0 storage node