Not only do we support the Microsoft infrastructure including Windows Server 2012 R2, Hyper-V, System Center, and Azure Pack, but at Gridstore we are exclusively dedicated to optimizing Microsoft environments. This dedication means Gridstore is the best platform for Microsoft workloads and the Microsoft Cloud-Inspired Data Center. Gridstore’s HyperConverged Infrastructure is the most efficient, cost effective, and scalable infrastructure for your private cloud deployments.


Gridstore HyperConverged Infrastructure includes compute, storage, and storage networking all in a single system. Start with as few as three nodes and scale up to 256 with over 6PB of all-flash capacity. Organizations looking for the most efficient, high performance, cost effective infrastructure will benefit from Gridstore’s lowered upfront costs, ongoing lowered CAPEX and OPEX, and VM optimization. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Private Cloud, Remote Office, SQL Server deployments and more are the use cases Gridstore can demonstrate superior benefits and where our customers see higher performance, lower TCO, and less administrative overhead. Upgrade your data center today with Gridstore HyperConverged Infrastructure!

Chad Dixson, IT Manager for YPIT, explains how Gridstore HCI, with its pure Windows focus, benefits their business units

Enjoy this five minute video and discover why an astute IT manager opted for Gridstore HCI over the leading “two, three and four letter vendors” for their Windows data center. His insight could help your Windows workloads and IT staff productivity.

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Hear how Chad Dixson, MIS Manager, a Hyper-V early adopter, struggled with data center sprawl until he discovered Gridstore HCI. You will be prompted for a name on the next screen before the audio starts.

Gridstore delivers a high performance, scalable, and predictable solution well-tailored to VDI implementations. Deploy rapidly, add incrementally as needed, and scale to thousands of desktops in one grid. Deliver the right performance to the right desktop at the right time, whether it’s a service worker, professional, or the most demanding engineering deployment.

Typical Challenges in Deploying VDI

  • Boot storms (unpredictable performance) – organizations experience high demand on their infrastructure at various times, like when many workers log in simultaneously, causing performance to suffer
  • User experience – users become frustrated when system response time is poor
  • Scalability – Administrators need to deploy in batches as desktops come online, and not have wasted resources
  • Cost – Costs need to be less than physical desktops and management

Gridstore’s VDI Benefits

  • All-flash architecture – deliver performance during peak hours when systems are launching, and throughout the workday
  • Predictable performance – use Gridstore QoS to set performance levels by user, delivering highest levels of performance to the most demanding users – Read: QoS per VM Solution Brief >
  • Start small and scale – add incremental systems as new desktops are brought on line, creating a pool of elastic resources that scales both performance and capacity independently and linearly Watch: Lakeland Health Selects Gridstore HCI for 3,000 seat VDI solution >
  • Price/performance – highly cost effective options ranging from all-flash to hybrid models that balance performance and capacity

VDI Resources

Private Cloud

The broad deployment of virtualization is now driving many organizations toward the development of private clouds, to leverage resources, modernize IT, and be responsive to business demands. Gridstore’s hyper-converged infrastructure can enable these organizations to deliver elastic resources when and where needed, along with the performance, scalability, and value necessary. Many companies face prohibitive licensing costs with their VMware deployments without realizing that migrating to Hyper-V is cost-effective and risk free.

Learn how and why to migrate from VMware to Hyper-V with Gridstore >

Management in a private cloud deployment is always critical. Gridstore’s tight integration with Microsoft System Center enables a single management view and the ability to manage on a per-VM basis for the most predictable service levels.

In addition to supporting private clouds, Service providers can also offer attractive public cloud service solutions that scale with customer’s needs. Gridstore’s hyper-converged infrastructure allows service providers the flexibility to purchase at the desired rate of customer deployment, expanding as they grow. Furthermore, service providers can leverage single pane management when trying to meeting customer satisfaction levels/SLA’s.

Gridstore’s Benefits

  • Meet SLAs by delivering performance during peak hours and around the clock with all-flash architecture
  • Guarantee application performance using Gridstore’s QoS to set priority levels on a per-VM basis
  • Independently scale as user demands grow, starting with current demands and adding as needed
  • Pass significant savings through flexible deployment options ranging from all flash to hybrid models addressing performance and capacity needs at the best price/performance

Gridstore HyperConverged Infrastructure is optimized for demanding database environments like Microsoft SQL Server. Our all-flash HyperConverged Appliances deliver the performance necessary to enable virtualization and consolidation of SQL Servers where previously only standalone physical servers would do. Using flash for both caching and storage, our all-flash HyperConverged Appliances deliver the IOPS needed, along with the scalability and management required. Gridstore is also fully redundant and fault tolerant which means operations continue even if a node fails.

Gridstore HyperConverged Infrastructure addresses the following IT challenges:

  • Latency issues in demanding IOPS environments
  • Performance issues in demanding I/O environments
  • Operating costs of maintaining multiple physical servers

Gridstore’s benefits include:

  • Guarantee SQL Server performance by assigning top priority to critical SQL Server databases using Gridstore’s QoS
  • Scale on demand and as needed be it performance or capacity as SQL Server environments grow with independent scaling
  • Meet SQL Server SLAs by delivering performance throughout the day with all flash architecture
  • Keep CapEx and OpEx down with Gridstore’s affordable solutions that deliver maximum price/performance

Remote Office/Branch Office (ROBO)

With Gridstore’s HyperConverged Appliance, Remote Offices and Branch Offices (ROBO) can optimize working environments by consolidating disparate server and storage deployments into single systems using compute, storage, and virtualization combined. Turnkey HyperConverged Appliances enable simple deployment, easy management, and lower TCO, especially for locations with limited IT resources.

Gridstore HyperConverged Infrastructure addresses the challenges ROBOs face including:

  • Limited IT resource availability
  • Management of multiple remote sites
  • Need for a simple, turnkey solution

Gridstore’s Benefits

  • Turnkey deployment of a single system including compute, storage, and hypervisor for simplicity and lower TCO
  • Single vantage point via System Center integration enabling management from a single source instead of being forced to manage remote sites separately
  • Guarantee performance at all remote sites with all-flash architecture
  • Meet ROBO specific SLA’s with Gridstore’s QoS which allows assignment of the highest priority to the most critical applications for specific sites
  • Scale as ROBO demands grow adding exactly what is needed (all-flash, hybrid, capacity) based on performance or capacity needs

Backup & Recovery

Data availability and retention are more important than ever before. According to IDC, data is growing as much as 60% per year for organizations and backing up this mountain of data has rapidly outgrown antiquated tape backup as well as modern disk-to-disk based backup systems. As data becomes more important, so does its availability to the business. Whether it’s regulatory and compliance requirements or preparing for natural disasters, organizations need to retain vast quantities of data.

VM backup and restore is a key advantage of a virtualized environment. And with more and more organizations carrying out their virtualization initiatives, traditional backup systems are limited in their ability to scale and perform to complete backups within available backup windows. Unlike the physical data center where restoring a failed server can take hours to days, the ability to restore a virtual machine instantly is one of the real innovations that makes virtualization so valuable for businesses.

Gridstore’s backup/recovery solution complements the market’s leading backup software brands such as CommVault, Symantec, Unitrends, and Veeam, with a storage target that is vmOptimized, scalable, and affordable.

Gridstore Benefits

  • Eliminate broken backup windows – scale every dimension required to ensure your backup windows are not missed as your VM environment grows. With each HCA or Storage Node added to the grid, capacity, end-to-end I/O control per VM and processing capabilities are instantly added to the virtualized pool of storage-allowing the grid to scale in line with the needs of the virtual environment
  • Elastic scaling – starting with a minimum of 3 nodes, Gridstore is fault tolerant and scalable. Add one or more nodes at a time with no additional configuration requirements. The architecture uses direct I/O from storage nodes to the host servers eliminating the bottlenecks that clustering or a backbone impose, while providing massive parallel performance. The more nodes in a configuration, the more network bandwidth, more cache, more processing power and more capacity that ultimately delivers linear performance scalability. Click here for more information
  • Full redundancy – operations continue if a component or even an entire storage node fails

Disaster Recovery

Gridstore provides highly reliable storage that protects against multiple failure scenarios in your data center. Multiple choices are available for customers looking to implement a DR solution, as well as support both Microsoft Hyper-V Replica and leading third-party offerings. All of these offerings have the advantage of not needing an environment at the DR site that is identical to the primary site.

For customers working in a fully Microsoft environment, Gridstore supports Microsoft Hyper-V Replica, host-based asynchronous replication of Hyper-V virtual machines between multiple sites. Gridstore also supports leading independent DR solutions such as those offered by Veeam, CommVault, Symantec, and others.

Gridstore Benefits

  • Optimize Hyper-V environments: Improving application performance with Gridstore
  • Ensure Continuous Uptime


Whether you are migrating physical to virtual or from VMware to Hyper-V, Gridstore makes it easy.
Built for Windows Server Hyper-V, Gridstore works just as well with physical Windows servers or in a mixed physical and virtual environment.

  • Migrate physical server workloads to virtual servers By reducing the number of physical servers in data center, companies can decrease space used, power consumption, hardware licensing without affecting performance. With its revolutionary, proprietary software, Gridstore can accomplish this seamlessly with end-to-end I/O control. Read more (links to SVCT tech brief)
  • Migration from VMware to Hyper-V With the challenge of tight budgets and expensive virtualization solutions, consider moving from VMware to Hyper-V. Gridstore does this quickly and will have you up and running. Learn about live customer testimonies here or read about an ISP/Gridstore customer who migrated from VMware to Hyper-V, saving themselves $50,000 per year.
  • Migration from Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2012 R2 With the announcement that Microsoft will stop selling WS 2003 and support for Windows Server 2008 ending, companies need to ready themselves to move to a new platform. Gridstore can help with this.

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