Optimized Storage for Hyper-V

  • Accelerate Hyper-V apps
  • Eliminate I/O bottlenecks between VMs and underlying storage
  • Increase VM density your storage can support

As companies progress in their virtualization initiatives, they find that they are not seeing the dramatic ROI that virtualization promised. This shortfall is the result of additional infrastructure costs such as high-end storage that is needed to support the virtualized workloads running on commodity servers. At the root of the need for this high-end storage is an attempt to mask the effects of the I/O blender.

Gridstore 3.0 is optimized storage for Hyper-V. Its patented architecture completely eliminates the I/O blender. With the ability to provide per-VM optimizations that accelerate and prioritize application I/O in virtualized environments, Gridstore takes Hyper-V storage to a whole new level.

Key Features

vmOptimized™ Storage – Accelerates I/O for every application.

TrueQoS – Guarantees Performance of your most important apps/VMs.

GridScale – Massively parallel performance that scales without loss.

Video: Optimized Storage for Hyper-V