Optimized Storage for Veeam

VM backup and restore is a key advantage of a virtualized environment. Unlike the physical data center where restoring a failed server can take hours to days, the ability to restore a virtual machine instantly is one of the real innovations that makes virtualization so valuable for businesses. But with these capabilities also come new challenges.

VM Backup Challenges

  • Sizing a VM backup is a moving target: VMs grow in multiple dimensions – size and total number of VMs
  • Demand for higher performance: Valuable features like Veeam Instant Recovery demand the performance of primary storage and Veeam’s Instant Restore double tasks storage
  • Scale beyond just capacity: Staying within backup windows requires a solution that provides not just capacity headroom, but bandwidth and processing ability that scales as the backup environment grows
  • Minimize cost for backup infrastructure: VM backup is more than just traditional backup, but still needs to stay within the budget for backup infrastructure while still providing the flexibility, performance, and scalability for the unique demands of VM backups

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Gridstore 3.0 is an optimized storage target for Veeam Backup and Recovery. Using Gridstore’s patented Server-side Virtual Controller™ Technology (SVCT), Gridstore complements Veeam’s best-in-class virtual machine backup and replication software with a vmOptimized, scalable, and affordable storage solution that is specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of VM backup environments. Gridstore is also a solution that fits budgets for organizations of all sizes with the flexibility to fit your storage needs today and pay-as-you-scale, as the organization executes on its virtualization initiatives.

Gridstore 3.0: Optimized Storage for Veeam

Key Features

vmOptimized™ Storage –
Accelerate Veeam backups and restores

By virtualizing the storage controller and moving it onto the Veeam Proxy Server, Gridstore’s virtual storage controller, or vController™, is in a unique position to isolate the I/O and optimize it based on the specific back up or restore function currently being used.

GridScale – Eliminate broken backup windows

Scale every dimension required to ensure your backup windows are not missed as your VM environment grows. With each Storage Node added to the grid, capacity, parallel I/O and processing capabilities are instantly added to the virtualized pool of storage – or vPool™ – allowing the grid to scale in line with the needs of the virtual environment.

Pay-as-you-Scale –
Low entry cost and lowest TCO

Start with exactly what you need to back up your VM environment today. Gridstore eliminates the guesswork for trying to size a system for the future and paying for it all upfront.